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Fiber Artist

Suzanne Towry-Pourroy is a Fiber Artist in North Carolina. She uses the beauty and serenity of the Carolinas, the majestic nature of California's High Sierra's, and natural landscapes from coast-to-coast as inspiration for her felted paintings.

"I create earthy,woolen pictures of landscapes from the natural beauty of the outdoors. If I can engage someone with my artwork, draw them in to a calm, centered place for a moment, and perhaps inspire them to go outdoors, then I've achieved my creative vision." 

Suzanne has experience in graphic design and from a young age she's held a strong interest in painting and drawing; however, using wool and various fibers to create landscape paintings is her passion and medium of choice. 

"I love the tactile feeling of the wool through my fingers as I'm creating art. There's something cathartic about manipulating the wool, felting it with soap and water until it's smooth, and then jabbing a tiny needle into the layer I've created to get the look and feel that I want."

Suzanne enjoys creating artwork in her studio on a serene lake in North Carolina. She finds that her most creative moments take place in the evening and early morning hours; hence, the name "Light of the Moon" Studios. She enjoys hiking and backpacking with her husband and dogs to capture images that inspire her felt paintings.

"The natural beauty of North Carolina, the High Sierra's, and the outdoors provides an abundance of scenic imagery that inspires my felt paintings.  Not a day goes by that I don't see a potential felt painting, from the glorious pink and pale yellow sunrises on the horizon to the glowing purple waters of the lake at sunset. It's food for the creative soul."

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